Weather Policy


DEVO will follow guidelines from Ashland School District in regards to weather related postponements or cancellations. 

Weather, specifically smoke, can be hard to predict, and change hourly. DEVO coaches and staff will do their best to send cancellation info to their groups at least 2 hours before class time, but no more than 4 hours before. This will ensure we give the weather the best chance we can to cooperate, and still give parents time to shift activities and plans.

Exceptions to the above timeframe would be forecasted high wind warnings, 60% or greater chance of thunderstorms, forecasted snow storms resulting in accumulating snow on trails, and local fire activity. In general, DEVO does not cancel practices on rainy days. 

AQI levels of 150 or above will result in cancellation of DEVO practice. AQI levels between 100 and 150 will be held or canceled at the Head Coach and/or Executive Director’s discretion. If practices are held between 100-150, they will be modified to lower intensity activities. 

DEVO coaches will use the City of Ashland’s AQI reading to determine AQI levels. 

Generally speaking, DEVO will not cancel practices due to extreme temperatures. Instead, coaches will adapt to venues that provide more shade/sun, different exertion levels, and in some cases shorter practices for extreme hot or cold temperatures.

Coaches have the right to turn any rider away for not having proper gear. For example, if a rider shows up without a raincoat on a wet day, this represents a safety hazard and the rider will be sent home. Coaches will list gear expectations before the first practice. 

Refunds will not be issued for any practice absences, including weather, in accordance with this policy. Canceled practices will be made up when possible. Make ups may or may not be at the normal date or time, depending on coach and venue availability.