Kindergarten (Bear Cubs)

Bear Cubs should have a solid basic understanding of their bike and the system involved. These include a complete mastery of braking and starting/stopping pedaling. This group is expected to understand information in a teaching setting more readily than the preschool group, and lessons should be tailored to this difference. This age group may or may not ride our off road trails, with the goal being to teach riders the skills needed to practice over the summer to get ready for the next group level. While some may only ride the fire road, this is the age to start building a love for riding our local trails.

1st Grade (Coyotes)

As our riders grow, they will begin to develop the strength to incorporate more skills previously unavailable to them. These skills include climbing, pumping, and bike/body separation. The Coyotes will work towards these skills in a progressive setting, and have an opportunity to practice these skills through more trail riding days than the preceding groups.

2nd/3rd Grade (Cougars)

Riders in the Cougars group, as a whole, will be ready for transition to our watershed trails. Along with a good understanding of their bikes, Cougars will learn some basic trailside repairs, more detailed components and how they work, and trail riding will take more of a center stage. Riders in this group will have a main goal of riding some of the longer, gravity oriented trails in the watershed in a safe and technically sound manner. Coaches of this age group will reflect an appreciation and positive attitude for climbing and hard work, as riders in 2nd and 3rd grade will begin working towards uphill goals in addition to downhill riding.

4th/5th Grade (Jr. Vultures)

By 4th grade, most riders will have ridden our two most popular trails, and focus towards intermediate skills should begin. Attention should be paid to skill levels of riders.. At this age physical strength can sometimes overcome technique, so correcting mistakes in form should be a large focus of this group.

3rd-5th Trail Riders (Rattlesnakes)

While DEVO is focused on progressive skill development, there are riders out there who have demonstrated these skills above and beyond, and are riding at a higher level than normal for their age. These riders comprise the Rattlesnake group. Rattlesnakes are comfortable with all blue trails in the watershed, many black trails, and will focus on more advanced skill development. Some of these skills include front and rear wheel lifts, jumping, drops, cornering, pumping, and controlling a slide. Rattlesnakes will culminate their season with a shuttle to the top of Mt. Ashland, and will complete a timed run or two to challenge themselves in a friendly race setting. A semester of DEVO and a coach recommendation is required to ride in the Rattlesnake group.

Middle School (Ospreys)

Our Osprey group is geared towards all 6th graders, and 7th/8th graders who are new to the sport of mountain biking. The Ospreys will spend a lot of time riding trails and fire roads, getting used to dirt and practicing skills drills along the way. For those interested in our middle school Enduro/XC programs, the Osprey program will act as a prerequisite for entry. Building skills during a semester or two of the Ospreys will ensure riders are ready for the more intermediate/advanced groups, or NICA in the Fall.

Middle School Enduro

Our Middle School Enduro program is for riders looking to expand their mountain bike skills in the realm of downhill trail riding. Enduro is a popular style of mountain biking focusing on technical proficiency, speed, control, and style on the descents, while building strength and pedal efficiency to complete the climbs. Enduro riders will earn their turns, but they’ll be able to talk and enjoy the views while they climb. One season of NICA or one semester of our Osprey program, along with a coach recommendation is a prerequisite for the Enduro program.

Middle/High School (Cross Country)

Our Cross Country (XC) program will focus on building a base of endurance for those riders most interested in racing and riding XC bikes with our local NICA team Rogue Composite, and/or in the OBRA race series. This program is for riders 8th grade and above who have the strength, drive, and motivation to embark on a riding plan and complete strenuous rides. Riding will focus on pace, efficiency, introduce intervals, and building endurance to go above and beyond what is offered in a normal NICA practice. One season of NICA and a coach recommendation is a prerequisite for our XC offseason training program.

Rogue Composite Vultures Mountain Bike Team

*NEW Fall 2021*

This fall season, Rogue Composite and DEVO will be joining forces for the fall NICA (National Interscholastic Cycling) season.  Rogue Composite is in the OICL (Oregon Interscholastic Cycling League) which is hosting 4 races and a state championship this season.
For more info on Rogue Composite click here

DEVO DH Series/Timed Training

Join Ashland DEVO for some community race action, Thursday nights this Spring. We’ll be racing five nights* (3/17, 3/31, 4/14, 4/21, 4/28, with a makeup date 5/5 if needed) in Ashland and Mountain of The Rogue, with the goals of building community, teaching and introducing our riders to downhill/enduro mountain bike racing, and having fun. Following racing, we’ll bring the party to our local sponsors’ establishments where we will tabulate results and bask in post-race glory. DEVO will be donating $1 from each race entry back to RVMBA for trail maintenance and new trail projects.

Details including dates, times, format, and rules can be found found in our Race Book.

Registration is going LIVE March 1st, via League Apps for Race #1. DEVO Riders and coaches, look for a special coupon code for $5 off per race.

Interested in volunteering? We can use your help! Email Casey at if you’re available.

All volunteers receive a free race entry for themselves or their child.

We’ll see you between the tape!

*Permits pending from the Rogue Siskiyou National Forest and BLM (it’s looking good!). Race #1 fully permitted for 3/17.

DEVO DH Race Book